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Company History

P. Keenan continue to be family owned and managed since our establishment in the early 1940’s by the late Patrick Keenan “Patsy”, of Leitrim Castledawson, who registered as a Government Road Contractor on the 1st March 1944. Since then we have developed to be amongst the leaders of our industry, providing customers with high quality, value and service backed by many years of experience.

This setting shows a major road re-construction and re-alignment scheme carried out by P.Keenan through the centre of Ballyronan village, Co Derry in 1956. The machinery involved includes a Smith 8 Excavator fitted with a front lifting shovel, Dodge Kew 8 ton truck in foreground and a Bedford 7.5 ton truck in background.

This photo was taken outside Moneyglass Church, Co Antrim in 1960. It shows a 1930’s Bitumen Tar Flapper with boom and winch to lift bitumen drums off ground level, along with a coal fired bunker at the front end. This machine uses mechanical spinner equipment at the rear end to spread heated bitumen on the road surface. Bitumen is transferred from the Bulk Tank on the Commer Tipper truck by means of a steel flexible hose. Behind this machine is a towed chipping spreader to complete the surface dressing operation, along with a towed loading ramp.

This photo shows a new P.Keenan, Commer Tipping Truck, parked outside the sales showroom in 1956.

Ballyronan gets a makeover – 60 years on’

Ballyronan - Then and now...

1956 Workers (left to right) – Frank Ward – Blackpark Road, Toomebridge, Jimmy Bradley – Ballyronan Road, Magherafelt, Tommy Donnelly – Creagh, Toomebridge (deceased)

“A local roadworks company has recently revisited Ballyronan to install a complete new asphalt surface throughout the village. The original photo shows P.Keenan plant and workers, busy on streetwork construction and realignment in 1956. Mr Ferguson’s house and former post office is on the left with the town pump in the foreground. Background trees were removed as part of this new road scheme through Mr McLeans land”

The current works recently completed, show workers and a range of modern road machinery involved in the new asphalt surfacing scheme over the exact same spot some 55 years later. P.Keenan are now a fourth generation family road contracting business based at Cookstown and Magherafelt.

Article: Mid Ulster Mail 10th May 2012

Ahoghill town centre carpark and storm sewer development 1981